Ad Colen
An elegant player from the Netherlands

My last born horn

Bart Defoort

Ben Sluijs

Billy Drewes
A special mention for the most beautiful alto sound of

Bo Vanderwerf

Bob Berg
The admiration and respect made me feel honoured to help him in his quest for the sound

Cezariusz Gadzina

Chris Cheek

Chris Potter
One of the greatest talents of his generation

Chris Speed

David Liebman
The strongest personality on the straigth horn

David Sanchez
Vibrant, warm, deep in the roots with swing

Dewey Redman
A pioneer that is always at the front scene of important currents

Dieter Limbourg

Emanuele Cisi
Soulful friend, warm and strong soundwise and musically

Erwinn Van
We got to know each other since his first steps with the horn

Fabrice Alleman
His strong playing and mastering of his instrument has been precious for bringing the FL clarinet reed to life

François Théberge
Long time friend and serious player, arranger, composer and teacher

Frank Vaganée

Gary Smulyan
All our buddies from NY : Dick Oats Richie Perry Gary Smulyan

Jason Seizer
Always there to share the crazy moments (including Wurtenberg wine)

Jasper Blom
He's teaching in Amsterdam conservatorium

Jazz Clubs Worldwide
This might be useful to get all dressed up and have a place to go

Jeroen Van Herzeele

Jerry Bergonzi
One of the most consistent tenor players

Joe Higham

Joe Lovano
My main man who's always been there since we first met in 1981

Jorge Pardo
We had dinner together at Santino's

Joshua Redman

Kurt Van Herck
Also my man remained a close friend for all those years

La Galantine
Sometimes you'll find me at Stéphane and Bernice's nice restaurant

Lew Tabackin
He is totally dedicated to his horn and a Monk lover

Mark Turner

Mike Brecker
Bringing the horn to the level and the recognition of the masters

Ohad Talmor
Always on the ball for new experiences

It's a dream to have Santino cook for you at his

Ralph Lalama
Can't miss my man

Robert Kyle
Beautiful player and man

Seamus Blake

Sonny Rollins
He's the one that's really responsible for my ways with the saxophone, totaly dedicated to the horn, the music, the sound, the rythm, the soul:

Steve Houben
Definitely the strongest Belgian sax player of the be-bop roots with an open mind to other music form

Steve Slagle
Can’t forget this night of ’84 at “Seventh Avenue South”, with Jaco, Mike and Adam

Tim Price
He’s always plugged and ready to help for not even a nickel!

Tim Ries
Mastery, elegance, eclectism and a great fan

Toine Thys

Tony Lakatos
The strongest European tenor player