The Ultimate Ligature

The Ultimate Ligature is more than just a trendy accessory, it has been conceived as an instrument in its own right.

FL Ultimate Ligature The tightening by a single central screw ensures an even distribution of the pressure on the reed and allows the reed to vibrate freely without damping the natural vibration of the mouthpiece.

Thanks to the resonating pipes this ligature generates a range of sympathetic vibrations that enrich the player’s sound.

The Ultimate Ligature comes in three finishes:
FL Ultimate Ligature
The Brass is more resonant and vibrating.
The Silver is more resistant and darker.
The Gold has more “elegance” and a slicker tone quality (polished).

It is always advisable to try different ligatures. Since they are hand made, there might be a little difference between two ligatures of the same finish (smaller or bigger amount of soldering etc. that might have influence on the resonance).

It is also important to try them with the same set up (horn, mouthpiece and reed).

The Pure Brass Ligature

The Pure Brass Ligature has been designed for a perfect match with Hard Rubber and Wooden Mouthpieces.

FL Pure Brass Ligature
The stainless steel wires of the Original “Ultimate” have been replaced by a Brass Brace. Its suppleness makes it fit your mouthpiece smoothly.
The tightening is assured by a single Top Screw for a great comfort of use.
The contact with the reed is assured by a Solid Brass Pressure Plate providing more resistance and a centred resonance.
The Longitudinal Contact with the Mouthpiece by Brass Resonators and Rolls guarantees free Vibrations of the ensemble Reed / Mouthpiece.
All this produce a deeper tone with a well balanced resistance and a great projection.

The “Pressure Plates” Set of the Original “Ultimate Ligature” can also be used with the “Pure Brass Ligature “.

The Basic Ligature

The Basic Ligature combines all advantages of the Pure Brass Ligature (Brass Brace, Tightened by a single Top Screw, Longitudinal Contact with the Mouthpiece and Reed) with an easier production process using a “Pre-formed” Brass Brace.

FL Basic Ligature
This offers a High Class ligature at an affordable price for all the players who want to experiment with the sound quality of the ligature.
The “Basic Ligature” is lighter and less resistant and will be perfect for those who don’t want to work too hard to produce a free and deep sound.


Read more about the Level Expander and the Pressure Plates for our ligatures on our accessories page

Ligatures fit & availability

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Soprano XL  
Alto XL
Tenor XL
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Download a chart of FL Ligatures fit to other brand mouthpieces :
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