Level Expander for Ultimate & Pure Brass Ligatures

Level Expander for Ultimate Ligature Owners of special, thinner, custom made or german clarinet mouthpieces may find it difficult to bring the pressure plate into perfect contact with the reed.
To solve this, one should fit a Level Expander into the Ultimate or Pure Brass Ligature.

Interchangeable Pressure Plates

A set of 3 interchangeable pressure plates is available for players who want to experiment with sound and tone color.

Pressure Plates

The “Pressure Plates” set of the original “Ultimate Ligature” can also be used with the “Pure Brass Ligature “.

The Smart Cap

The unique design of the Smart Cap nicely reveals the whole mouthpiece line.

Ligature + Cap + Mouthpiece Two flexible arms make it fit all types of mouthpieces regardless of the ligature used.

Comes in 4 sizes with matching felt pad.

FL Cap

Rubber extensions placed on the two arms guarantee a perfect grip of the cap on all mouthpieces.

2 sizes:
I. fits SMC # 1 & # 2
II. fits SMC # 3 & # 4

Double sided it can be positioned 2 different ways:
With slick thin side on the mouthpiece for XL – L – M mouthpiece sizes.
With patterned thick side on the mouthpiece for S mouthpiece size.

Felt pads

FL Cap Felt Pad The replaceable felt pad regulates the humidity level of the reed.

In a dry environment moisten the pad lightly. In a wet environment leave it as is.

Available in 4 different sizes to match the smart cap.