Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to determine the proper ligature’s size?


“XL” size fits all large “standard” RUBBER/WOOD mouthpieces
(Like Otto-Link, Selmer, Vandoren, Lebayle, Zinner and most brand. If it wouldn’t be a “standard” XL size, the Mpc maker should be able to give you the proper information)

“L” size fits all thin RUBBER/WOOD mouthpieces
(Like Berg Larsen Tenor and Baritone, some thinner Zinner Mpcs, François Louis Tenor and Baritone Spectruoso Mpcs, other thinner rubber Mpcs.)

“M” size fits all “large” METAL Soprano Mpcs
(Like Selmer, Dukkof and other)

“S” size fits all “normal” METAL Mpcs
(Like Otto-Link, Berg Larsen etc.)


German Clarinet Mpcs as well as some METAL Mpcs are thinner than “average” (Like Guardala, Beechler and other)
You will then have to adapt a level expander

To select the proper ligature for your mouthpiece, see the availability chart.

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