Frequently Asked Questions

3. How to replace a Pressure Plate?

One plate in stainless steel
for a free, light and flexible sound with a quick response.

One plate in solid brass
for a deeper tone with more resistance, mostly appreciated by classical players.

One plate in rubber coated stainless steel
the ideal compromise – responsive and flexible, yet darker.

How to change your new pressure plates:

  1. Take off the original plate of your Ultimate Ligature or Pure Brass Ligature:
    firmly hold the main screw (UL) or ligature Base (PB) (use pliers if necessary) and unscrew the little central screw.
  2. Select the plate you want to play and replace it using the new little central screw included.
  3. When tight, unscrew for 180° to allow the plate to adapt to the reed freely.

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